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1. Take an ingame screenshot with Print Screen or another button the command is bound to, while the camera is locked on the ship with T. 2. Search for the screenshot in the game files' screenshot file (usually "Starsector's installation location/screenshots") 3. Take a region pic where the ship is, make sure its symmetrical..

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I need muh blade breaker ships back in my life. They're so sleek. And the color scheme owns. Plus it's a fun challenge start, probably even better now that you could just get some money and buy some ships from a bar contact instead of having to rush colonies to get your sick all blade breaker fleet going. #? Sep 28, 2021 13:38 Profile; Post History. .

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Interview: Starsector's Alexander Mosolov on January 15, 2020 An open world single player space combat game, Starsector blends tactical 2D battles with trade, exploration, and fleet customization; as a project with a lot going on under the hood, I chatted with dev Alexander Mosolov of Fractal Softworks regarding the variety of player experiences in his work and the design goals driving the.

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This is a simple Starsector mod that automates some routine orders in battle--presently retreating at low PPT or on hull damage, with plans for more. 1 Sources 2 Removing 3 Carriers & Phase Ships 4 Positives 5 Change History Ships used by pirates start with d-mods built-in. starsector\starsector-core\data\config settings.json is what you are.

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Features. 4X game features in Starsector . Factions will wage war against each other and try to conquer their enemies. Diplomacy events see faction relationships changing over time. Join a faction to gain useful support and represent them in war and peace, or start your own. Alliances offer mutual assistance in times of war. 2..

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